Professional Conduct

Under Australian law, any one who wants to offer assistance as a Migration Consultant/Agent must be registered with MARA – Migration Agents Registration Authority.

MARA is the governing body that monitors the activity of all migration agents in Australia. They are responsible for administering Code of Conduct and ensuring that all the migration consultants in its database are acting ethically – demonstrating both good character and competence in giving Australian immigration Advice.

At migration xyz, all of our migration consultants are all MARA registered.

A copy of the official Code of Conduct can be found in Schedule 2 of the Migration Consultants Regulations 1998. You can view it here.


Regulation of Migration Agents

You can find more information about the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession by clicking here.

The client accepts that they have had access to, and the opportunity to read this document in full before making any payment to migration xyz.