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Australia has a triple AAA credit rating – meaning investing in a business here is a relatively safe environment with low-risk, compare to other developed countries.

We have the highest growth rate in the western world and haven’t experienced any recessions within the last 26 years. Our strong labour market means more opportunities for your business to thrive.

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  • Do I have to invest in a business? Or can I start my own?
  • Can my family come with me?
  • How long will the visa take to process?
  • I have some questions about my situation

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Business Talent Visa

The Business Talent visa is designed to attract business people of the highest calibre to participate in the management of a new or existing business and live in Australia permanently.

Business Innovation Stream VISA

The Business Innovation Stream is a temporary visa for successful business owners who want to own and manage a new or existing business in Australia. It can be the first step towards a permanent business migration visa.

Business Investor Stream VISA

The Business Investor Stream is a temporary visa for people with a successful business or investment career, who are able to make a designated investment Australian state or territory and who want to maintain business and investment activity in Australia once their designated investment matures.

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  • Do I have to invest in a business? Or can I start my own?
    No, you don’t have to invest in an existing business – you can start your own or manage an existing business in Australia. Please talk to migration consultant first about which business visa is most applicable to you.
  • Can my family come with me?
    Absolutely! If they meet all the visa requirements, they should be able to come with you! If you’re unsure, best to talk with a migration consultant first.
  • How long will the visa process take and how much will it cost?
    All visa applications processing times vary – some are shorter, some are longer. Our team can give you an estimate of processing times and how much you should expect to pay.
  • I have some questions about my situation
    Sure thing! Every application is different and our team have seen it all. No matter how complicated your situation is, our team will always try and find the best way to help you moving forward. Book a consultation with one of our migration consultants and we’ll go from there!
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