Exploring around Australia is a must for all budding travellers!

Australia is home to three great wonders of the world – Uluru, The Great Barrier Reef and the 12 Apostles. In addition to the friendly locals, the laidback attitude and great coffee scene, Australia is filled with many great cities, islands and experiences – all deserving of exploration.

There’s a reason why three of our capital cities have consistently made the top 10 most liveable places year after year. Our country has something for everyone. Only one thing you should know: once you come here, you may not want to leave!

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  • Am I eligible to travel to Australia?
  • Which travel visa is right for me?
  • How long will the visa take to process?
  • What documentation will I need?

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Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

Travellers from ETA-eligible countries can obtain an Electronic Travel Authority online. An ETA visa allows tourists to travel to Australia for up to three months.

Electronic Visitor Visa (EVV)

Travellers from EVV countries are able to submit an online application for this visa type. Our E Visitor Visa service will assist with the process.

Tourist Visa (Business Visitor Visa)

A Business visitor visa allows eligible business people to attend business related meetings or conferences in Australia.

Tourist Visa (Short Travel Visa)

Travellers from non-ETA countries are required to submit a Visitor Visa application prior to travel. Our Managed visa application service will assist with this process.

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  • Which travel visa is right for me?
    This is a bit tricky because it depends on your country of citizenship, the purposes of your visit and how long you intend to visit.
  • Can my family come with me?
    Absolutely! All they have to do is submit their own travel visa application! If they meet all the health and character requirements, and get approved, they should be able to come with you!
  • How long will the visa take to process?
    All travel visa applications processing times vary – some are quite fast while some are longer. Our team can give you an estimate of processing times.
  • What documentation will I need?
    Each travel visa has different requirements, but generally, you’ll need a valid passport, satisfy health checks and not hold any criminal convictions. If you’re unsure, book a consultation with one of our migration consultants and we’ll go from there!
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